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September 10, 2008


Thank you for visiting my online graphic art portfolio. My name is Bach Nguyen and I am a freelance graphic designer regularly using both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Below you will find a few pieces of artwork and designs created for various organizations and people. I recently started Bach Nguyen Design©, a company specializing in graphic arts and design while producing a variety of prints. You will notice that the majority of my artwork displayed has a religious message behind them. While religion may be considered a taboo subject when it comes to business, I don’t find harm in adding a person’s religious beliefs to their work. Thus, much of my artwork is inspired by my Christian faith, as I profess that the one true way to salvation is in the acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. It is through God’s blessing that I have been given the talent and opportunity to work as a graphic designer. Thank you once again for visiting and God bless.

Business Information:

For all freelance projects, please contact me through my email ( and I will respond as quickly as possible. Additionally email me if you are interested in the purchase of a print of any of my pieces of artwork. I offer a variety of options. Prices vary depending on size, materials, and if necessary, shipping.

  • 12 inches x 36 inches
    • solo print: $15.49
    • print with lamination: $18.49
    • print with wooden frame and custom cut matting: $42.49
  • 11 inches x 17 inches
    • solo print: $10.49
    • print with lamination: $13.49
    • print with wooden frame and custom cut matting: $31.49
  • 7 inches x 15 inches
    • solo print: $8.49
    • print with lamination: $10.49
    • print with wooden frame and custom cut matting: $25.49
  • 8 inches x 12 inches
    • solo print: $6.49
    • print with lamination: $8.49
    • print with wooden frame and custom cut matting: $20.49

What is custom cut matting? Matting consists of mounting a print to a mat board into which an opening the size of the print has been custom cut. Matting a print provides three main benefits. First, it insures that the photograph will not touch the glass once it is framed. Second, once the print is framed and displayed, matting helps separate the print from its surrounds, giving its own unique space and presence. Lastly, it is able to aesthetically add to the print, offering space between the print and the frame as well as additional and complimentary color. I generally choose the color of the mat depending on what I determine would be best suited for each print. If you have a separate personal preference towards which color mat you’d like, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll will do my best to meet your requests.

Any other specific requests relating to prices, sizes, matting, framing, and shipping will be answered through email. All images are property of Bach Nguyen Design© and may not be used outside of proper consent.

Contact Information:



“I am Your God”

September 7, 2008


Title: “I am Your God”

Verse: Isaiah 41:10

Date Designed: 9.9.2008

About the piece: This project was given to me by Yoonjee. Her verse was Isaiah 41:10 which states, “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, sure I will help you, surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”. At first I had a tough time getting inspired to think of an imaginative image for the verse. My first thought was to illustrate a picture of my right arm flexed but Yoonjee quickly rejected, probably to keep from stumbling. So with nothing really coming to me, I placed the project on hold. A few days later, I started to think about the first section of the verse. This brought me to think how many different false gods, religions, and idols are scattered around us causing us to, at times, “anxiously look about”. We often forget that God is telling us, ” I am your God”, and fall into the sometimes enticing idols around us. The four symbols false religions I used are the Mormon temple, a Catholic Cathedral, a Hindu god, and an image of Buddha. All of these religions often times cast large shadows upon us, making it difficult for Christians to remember that God constantly telling, “I am your God”. The image of the person below is the Christian who is confronted with that situation. His shadow is not one that is cast in his own silhouette. Instead, his shadow is in the image of Christ, my attempt to illustrate and demonstrate the section of the verse where God reassures us, “Do not fear, for I am with you”. Overall, I feel that the message behind this piece is very applicable, especially in my own life. Hopefully this will serve as a reminder, for those who are followers of the Christian faith, that God is with us and He is our God who strengthens us, helps us, upholds us with righteous and able power when we confronted with wordly temptations and religions.


(click twice on the image for a higher quality version)

“Greatest Love”

September 7, 2008

Title: “Greatest Love”

Verse: John 15:13

Date Designed: 9.05.2008

About the piece: This project was by far my most ambitious, time consuming piece to date. Continuing with my desire to design a dramatic, powerful, and deep message within my work, I decided to focus on the crucifixion of the Lord, Jesus Christ. I did a good amount of research, trying to find inspirations from other artworks. But after searching for a few hours, I decided to take screen shots from the film Passion of the Christ and design from them. I found three images I liked. Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, I was able to do a pixelation of the images. From that I drew, what I call a straight stencil, of the three images. By straight stencil, I mean that each color section is illustrated with only lines, no curves. I’m sure there’s an actual term for this. Instead of doing simple silhouettes, which I have been doing in the past, I wanted to try something new, so I decided to utilize the straight stencil method on this project. It turned out better than I could have hoped for. I’m still on the fence about the layout and text design for this piece but for now, this will do. I’ll probably end up changing it in the near future. Overall, after nearly thirty hours invested in this piece alone, I can honestly say it is one of my most accomplished piece of artwork that I’ve created to date.


(click on the image for a higher quality version)

“Dumb Painter”

September 7, 2008

Title: “Dumb Painter”

Verse: Psalm 73:25-26

Date Designed: 9.7.2008

About the piece: I wanted to try a bit more creativity, not basing the image directly off of the given verse. I was inspired by a picture of a painter with his paint dripping down the wall without him knowing. So depicted is a painter that has made four mistakes. First, and most obvious, the paint on the word Psalm is dripping down. Secondly, the word “seventy” is missing a letter. Thirdly, the number 5 is written incorrectly. Lastly, and probably the most unnoticeable, is that the painter is using the wrong color paint to finish painting the letter “P” in “psalm”. Because of these mistakes, another painter decides to cover up the mistakes with black paint. My personal favorite aspect of this design is how my wordmark in the bottom right hand corner is barely noticeable because the painter had painted over it while trying to cover the first painter’s mistake.


(click on the image for a higher quality version)

“Praying Arms”

September 7, 2008

Title: “Praying Arms”

Verse: Psalm 63:4

Date Designed: 9.04.2008

About the piece: This project was a nice change of pace. I really wanted to do a dramatic, dark piece and I feel like it accomplished both objectives. I knew I wanted to keep it simple, but offer a deeper message compared to my previous artwork. I took a picture of myself praying, fingers interlocked, elbows on a table, and my head resting on my hands, and used that image as a template to design from. The position of the hands and arms at first seem a bit unnatural but because I usually pray with my head resting on my hands, it causes my hands to bend at a usually, slightly unnatural position. I considered doing an outline of my head to demonstrate this but decided against it, wanting to leave the design as minimal as possible, and hopefully not compromising my objective for this project. Perhaps I’ll change it in the future, but as of now, I’m pleased with how this one came out.


(click twice on the image for a higher quality version)

“Original Sin”

September 7, 2008

Title: “Original Sin”

Verse: Genesis chapter 3

Date Designed: 9.03.2008

About the piece: This project is an inspiration from Genesis 3, where Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit that God directly instructed them not to eat. I wanted to play with the negative space, leaving nearly the entire top half of the piece devoid of illustration. I think it adds a lot by including the negative space. In the top left side of the tree you can see the serpent which deceived Eve to eat the fruit. I know that there are some illogical portions in this piece. One being that the Garden of Eden was filled with lush vegetation, plants, and trees and rather, I illustrated a bare tree. Another being that the tree of good and evil probably had more than one fruit. And lastly, Eve probably, if not definitely, did not climb up a large tree to get to the fruit. Whatever, don’t complain. My favorite aspect of this design was that I replaced the usual red dot in my wordmark with a small red apple. Yay for fun little surprises.


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“As the Deer Jeans?”

September 7, 2008

Title: “As the Deer Jeans?”

Verse: Psalm 24:1

Date Designed: 8.27.2008

About the piece: This project was dedicated to Joyce Kaj. I was given the verse by her to illustrate from. I decided early on that I didn’t want to design the obvious. The obvious would’ve been me illustrating an image of a deer drinking from some river. That didn’t sound either fun or imaginative so I came with the idea to do a play on a word riddle. The verse goes, “As the deer pant for the water brooks so my soul pant for you, o God”.

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September 7, 2008

Title: “Wheaties”

Verse: John 12:24-25

Date Designed: 8.26.2008

About the piece: This project was dedicated to Grace Lee, who gave me the verse to design from. I decided to do a very literal interpretation of the verse through the illustrating of the wheat. I wanted to go for a very simplistic, modern feel. I really like the earthy colors I used for this piece and I especially like the placement of the two verses being side by side forming a rectangle. Upon finishing this project, I knew that I had to find a very long frame to match the print. I found a very nice 12×36 inch frame and have since been very inspired to design based off of this dimension. You will notice that many of the later work will be designed within these measurements. Overall, I am very happy with how this turned out, being that it was one of my earliest projects.


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